2013 MLB Preview/Predictions: Awards & Playoffs

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world seriesEvery year I like to try and predict the major award winners in MLB. These awards include Cy Young, MVP, Hank Aaron, Rookie of the Year, Manager of the Year, Relief Man of the Year and  Comeback Player of the Year. This year I will also try and predict the Silver Sluggers for each position as well as the gold glove winners at each position. Then once I predicted those I will try the impossible and try and predict the World Series Champion by going through each round of the playoffs.

American League Award Winners

weaverMost Valuable Player – Jared Weaver – Angels: Read below.

Cy Young Award – Jared Weaver – Angels: I think Weaver will continue to be one of the games top pitchers as he leads the Angels. I feel Weaver is capable of winning 25 games or more with the offense of the Angels behind him. He may even be able to get to the magical number of 30 that no one has gotten to in several years.

Hank Aaron Award – Miguel Cabrera – Tigers: Last year he won the triple crown as well as the MVP award. I think he is the games best hitter and shouldn’t have a problem winning the Hank Aaron Award again this year.

Rookie of the Year – Bruce Rondon – Tigers: The Tigers let Jose Valverde walk and therefore the era of Rondon begins. The Tigers look for him to have the type of success Craig Kimbrel has had in Atlanta. Rondon, like Kimbrel, is a hard throwing young reliever that had great success in every level in the minors. He will be the teams Opening Day closer.

Relief Man of the Year – Fernando Rodney – Rays: Last year Rodney won the award for comeback player of the year after bouncing back from injury to be the Rays closer. This year he is healthy once again and looks to continue that success. He is a real asset to the Rays late in games.


Comeback Player of the Year – Victor Martinez – Tigers: The Tigers had a crazy good line up last year when Delmon Young served as their DH. Now they get Martinez back who has the ability to hit .300 and 25 plus HRs. I think he is an easy lock for this award if he stays healthy.

Manager of the Year – Joe Maddon – Rays: Maddon does an out standing job in the NL East with a much lower pay role than the Yankees, Red Sox, and Blue Jays. If my earlier predictions come true and the Rays win the East he wins this award easy.

Gold Gloves:
C – Joe Mauer – Twins

1B – Albert Pujols – Angels

2B – Ian Kinsler – Rangers

3B – Evan Longoria – Rays

SS – Asdrubal Cabrera – Indians

OF – Alex Gordon  – Royals

Alex Gordon - OF - Royals

Alex Gordon – OF – Royals

OF – Mike Trout – Angels

OF – Adam Jones – Orioles

P – Mark Buehrle – Blue Jays

Silver Slugger:

C – Joe Mauer – Twins

1B – Albert Pujols – Angels

2B – Robinson Cano – Yankees

Robinson Cano - 2B - Yankees

Robinson Cano – 2B – Yankees

3B – Miguel Cabrera – Tigers

SS – Asdrubal Cabrera – Indians

OF – Josh Hamilton – Angels

OF – Mike Trout – Angels

OF – Curtis Granderson – Yankees

DH – David Ortiz – Red Sox

National League Award Winners:

vottoMost Valuable Player: Joey Votto – Reds: Read Below.

Cy Young Award: Matt Cain  – Giants: I think Matt Cain has really developed into one of the best if not the best pitchers in the National League. He was really strong last year and I think he can continue that success this year. I see him winning 20 plus games and having an era around 2.00.

Hank Aaron Award: Joey Votto – Reds: Votto was injured the majority of last season but before he was injured he was having one of the best years around. I look for him to bounce back strong and lead the Reds to a division title and possible World Series Title.

Rookie of the Year: Jedd Gyorko – Padres: This kid displayed good power last year in the minors and is moving from third to second. I think he can really help the Padres and see him having a break out rookie campaign.

kimbrelRelief Man of the Year: Craig Kimbrel – Braves: He is arguably the best young closer in the game. I see him staying that way for a few years as he racks up these awards.

Comeback Player of the Year: Joey Votto – Reds: See above.

Manager of the Year: Don Mattingly – Dodgers: If the Dodgers play up to their potential then they should win a lot of ball games. I think they will make the playoffs as a wild card team but don’t know how far they will go after that. Still their manager has to do a great job managing all of those personalities.

Gold Glove Winners:

C – Yadier Molina – Cardinals

1B – Freddie Freeman – Braves

2B – Brandon Phillips – Reds

3B – David Wright – Mets

SS – Troy Tulowitzki – Rockies

OF – Matt Kemp – Dodgers

piratesOF – Andrew McCutchen – Pirates

OF – Jason Heyward – Braves

P – Clayton Kershaw – Dodgers

Silver Sluggers:

C – Buster Posey – Giants

1B – Joey Votto – Reds

2B – Aaron Hill – Diamondbacks

3B – David Wright – Mets

Matt Kemp - OF - Dodgers

Matt Kemp – OF – Dodgers

SS – Troy Tulowitzki – Rockies

OF – Ryan Braun – Brewers

OF -Justin Upton – Braves

OF – Matt Kemp – Dodgers

p – Yovani Gallardo  – Brewers

Playoff Predictions:

Wild Card Round:

Angels defeat Yankees: This will be a clash of two titans if you will. I think if Jared Weaver is on the mound for LA then they won’t lose. If scheduling messes that up then this game could be a toss up.

Braves defeat Dodgers: I think the Braves defeat the Dodgers because they have been here before and have better team chemistry. Some people may not value that idea but trust me it means a lot in baseball.


Tigers defeat Angels: I think the Tigers make it back to the World Series this year and with a 5 game series everything rides ona'svrays pitching. I think Weaver is out standing but the Tigers rotation is better as a whole. Another Star studded affair in this series.

Rays defeat A’s: The battle of two small mart teams. The A’s never seem to be able to put it together in the playoffs and a strong pitching team like the Rays will give them trouble. The Rays advance in a close series that I think goes to game 5 in Tampa.


bravevnatsBraves defeat Nationals: The Nationals may win the division but I think the Braves can be on a roll late in the season going into the playoffs. They could get Brandon Beachy back who would give them another outstanding arm. This series will be won on the road in game five.

Reds defeat Giants: The Reds had the Giants right where they wanted then the Giants went on a tear and won the World Series. I don’t think the Reds forgot and with Votto completely healthy at this point and a newly acquired ace at the trade deadline the Reds will be poised to take this one.


tigersvraysTigers defeat Rays: I think the Tigers with their pitching and offense get back to the World Series just one year after losing to the Giants. A more complete team in my opinion has a good chance to win the whole thing. The Rays won’t be any push over as this series will go to six or seven games before a winner is decided.


nlcsReds defeat Braves: As a Braves fan I hope I’m wrong! If Dusty Baker stay out of the way then the Reds should make the World Series. I hope the Braves get there but if I want to be taken seriously as a writer and baseball predictor I must keep my hopes and dreams out of my predictions. Therefore I go with Reds hoping the Braves win instead.


World Series:


Reds vs. Tigers

Reds win if: For the Reds to win they will need their offense to carry them and their pitching to match what the Tigers do. As well as Dusty Baker to not screw anything up.

Tigers win if: Their rotation pitches like I think they are capable and Verlander put himself on a different level. Their offense just needs to out play the Reds.

In the end I think the Tigers win the World Series this year. Although they have a few big questions to answer before they get there I feel they are ready after coming close last year. Justin Verlander, Doug Fister and company will pitch really well this year. Miguel Cabrera, Prince Fielder, Victor Martinez and the gang will become one of the best offenses. I just see this year being all Detroit.


Next I will produce my 2013 All-Ritchie Team. Some will be from last year while others will be new faces. Remember these guys aren’t the best on their team but rather the player one each team I like watching the most because he plays the game the way I like. Those criteria will be discussed next time. Until then, Read on and Keep the Ice Hot.


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